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As indicated in here, they are a band that hails from Bristol in the United Kingdom. The group got formed in 2002, and they combine high vocals and instrumentals to bring you the best of death metal and hard-core music.

As a fan site for Burning Skies, there is nothing that concerns this band that we do not divulge to you, our reader. If it is anything to do with the lead vocalist, MervHembrough, whose love for chippetts and sausage is now a known fact thanks to a chat he had with one of our writers.

We also have fun facts on the other band members namely Liam Phelan, Chuck Creese, Stephen Ives and Phil Tolfree.

We have an in-depth look at their albums, from the EP they released in 2003 called A Premonition of Things to Come to the other three albums they released under Lifeforce Records called Murder by Means of Existence released in 2004, Desolation released in 2006 and Greed. Filth.Abuse. Corruption released in 2008.

Our fansite is also a platform where all the Burning Skies fans can come and have full discussions and interact with each other. If you have questions that need answers, this is where it is all at.

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