Now it should be evident that anything Burning Skies does it will get some attention. They did a split with War From A Harlots Mouth.

The split had quite a lacking to it. Burning Skies was prominently present in the split. Not the same gets said about War From A Harlots Mouth.

War From A Harlots Mouth describe themselves as a mathcore band, but they have to work hard to prove that they are. They do have the resources to show how metal they are but they just need to put in a lot of effort to be able to be taken seriously.

The difference between the two bands is very evident when it comes to their songwriting. A prominent group such as Burning Skies music which is deathcore do good work of doing songs that are shorter thanks to their thrashes and riffs being so hard.

On the other hand, War From A Harlots Mouth should be able to do longer songs giving it ample time to do things like a good intro for the song, have awesome riffs and breakdowns. They do not take advantage of this at all but opt to do short songs to their disadvantage.

In summary, War From A Harlots songs are slow comparing to how up-tempo metal songs should be and the songs are way shorter than usual. Tracks titled Monolith, Omega and The Shape of Nothing To Come have great metalcore intros, but something goes wrong after 30 or so seconds because of the whole tune changes to a slow rumble that no real hard metalhead can respect.

Burning Skies does well when it comes to how fast their songs are and combining their collective talents both vocally and instrumentally. The screeches on the Burning Skies album carry anger, power, viciousness, and uniqueness from their accents that the band is known.

Their song Shitfarmer and Morbid Engel showcase the band’s prowess, especially in the drummer’s ability.

Burning Skies made this split standout.