At first glance, Burning Skies are not an endearing lot especially when one discovers what kind of music they do. You have to have an acquired taste for metalcore music even to consider listening to them.

But for the beginners, this album might just be that thing that converts you to a lover of metal music.

The 48-second intro itself is an exhilarating thrashing of drums which lead you straight to the first song in the album peppered with a riff and a short bloodcurdling scream. One will notice that in this collection, the shrieks go from high-pitched squeals to low snarls, feats so impressive by the vocalist.

One of the tracks in the album titled Narcoleptic Suicide Attempt has a sound so distinct to the collection. The song has a roaring that is inclined to be low which transitions to a screaming combined with a metalcore riff.

Another song titled Forever Endeavor is the best on the album. Why so? Well, it has a quiet introduction which is then interrupted by the drums and the guitars with impressive double bass.

If you enjoy metallic instrumentals, you can skip ahead to track number 9 which is a combination of all the band members talents on the instruments of their choice. A refreshing and unexpected path in a metal album.

Overall, the album is excellent. One fault is that the collection presents its best compositions before you reach the middle of the album as the best songs are way at the start of the record. Some may argue that this is a bad thing and others might not mind.

You are guaranteed a characteristically metal album with its fast stridden vicious sounds. It does not disappoint when it comes down to the riffs, screaming and growling.

It is such a wonder why Burning Skies get no worldwide recognition for their work. This album will hopefully be that nudge towards world domination when it comes to metal music.