This is Burning Skies’ third album as a band, and it’s a cacophony of all sorts of metal music that will have you head-banging to some of the groups’ best music. The band combines diehard squeals, gruff groans, and growls for an entertaining experience.

Let us break it down.

The album runs for thirty minutes and boy, when you are done listening to it, you will be a raging death metal head.

The band, which is made up of five people, combines great instrumental prowess with its guitar playing and drumming standing out, but do not let the unoriginal riff distract you from how great the album is.

The vocalist of the band, Merv, does a great job using his vocal range to bring out the best of the band’s sound. From his throaty growls to shrill screeches, it will awaken your inner metal ghost to the extreme.

If you enjoy variations in albums, you will be slightly disappointed as the sounds are repetitive and sometimes, they are similar in some way. This can be somewhat tiring for the ear.

Granted, some songs vary a little with slow sounding sections such as Lurid Demolition, and they do not rely on breakdowns that much, such as Damaged. Breakdowns are a common occurrence in this kind of music, so it’s either you love it, tolerate it or simply hate it.

When listening to the last song in the album, the music stops playing in the middle, and someone can be heard saying, “Now if you do not think this song is the greatest song ever, I will fight you.” This part is a quote borrowed from a Will Ferrell movie, a move by the band to add a slightly hilarious but bungled twist to their album.

This is a competent deathcore album that will have proper receivership by lovers of metal music. Those who have been enjoying this kind of music for years will not appreciate the somewhat new hard-core metal style combination which seems to be an all-time favourite with the recent converts.