There has been a booming deathcore scene growth in the South West of the United Kingdom which has brought some unity for those into that kind of thing.

This boom has led to areas such as Bristol, the home of deathcore band Burning Skies get recognised. Many fans are wondering if this growth is going to lead to better things for Burning Skies and other bands.

It would be nice to be recognised for their work and to even move them to better heights such as getting their tour around Europe, not as a supporting act, but as their act. Such recognition should also be useful for Burning Skies to make that move to the United States of America and get recognised as a deathcore band from the United Kingdom.

It is no wonder that there are record labels that have been recognising such talent and they have been snapping up the bands left the right center. After the release of their EP, Burning Skies garnered up a lot of support. That support brought them to the attention of record labels and the got snapped up by Lifeforce Records who have catapulted them to high ground.

With backing from Lifeforce, Burning Skies were able to release three albums that did well simultaneously. They have also been known to be excellent lead acts for more prominent bands, and if they continue like that, they will break records in the deathcore scene.

The Bristol deathcore scene has been added some credence with Burning Skies talented band members. The lead vocalist has excellent vocal range what with his squeals that can summon the demons from hell and his low growls mixed with his Bristol accent making them a unique combination.

They have become quite the attraction in Bristol, and the deathcore elitists want nothing but the best for them in their death metal endeavours.

With a band such as Burning Skies, the Bristol deathcore scene is only going to grow by leaps. Such growth will lead to better things in this industry.