The opportunity to get the inside scoop on the band Burning Skies came after a review of their latest album, and it got grabbed with both hands.

It is no secret that this metal band represents Bristol in the United Kingdom and it got formed in 2002. The group got signed to Lifeforce Records.

Liam divulged some information on their lead vocalist Merv who has an obsession with sausage and chipetts which became public knowledge on their website. Being a starting band, they quickly put in information which became a present thing on the site and as their fan base increased so did Merv’s obsession get known. And yes, Liam confirmed that Merv is still as obsessed with the dish as he was when he revealed his love for it.

Liam revealed that the band has a plan for a full European tour as they support another group in their journey. As their popularity grows, they should be able to attract a potential American trip in the near future.

So how did the recording of their latest album go? Liam said that it all went well and did not have to do more than two takes when in the studio. The more strenuous part for the band was the drive that took 20 hours that they had to take to get to Germany to collaborate with Rape of Harmonies.

According to Liam, all the guys started music in one way or the other. Andy and Liam were both in a band which played nu-metal music. Ben was in a group which had the grits of a hard-core metal band. Phil played in a grind band, and their lead vocalist Merv was a member of a deathcore metal band.

The thing about these guys is that they all had a love for music that had a leaning towards punk, death metal, hard-core and grind hence making it easy for all of them to gel well with each other.

This band has a lot coming in the future we better look out for them.