If you are a fan of deathcore music, then this is the album to buy. This album is one of those records you will not know how you just did not find. You will come by it, and you will love it instantly.

Consider one of the songs in the album titled Rounding Up The Cattle which is a refreshing sound for all deathcore lovers. You get promised the shrieking and the cessation-type music in plenty. And boy do they deliver.

Coming from Bristol in the United Kingdom, Burning Skies is as English as they come. The English deathcore characterised by being energetic and wild in its presentation, unlike other core music which gets delivered robustly and slowly. In this album, you will get both the energetically fast music and the slow, tight sounding core music with a lot of viciousness that will be charming to lovers of metal music.

Merv, the vocalist in the band, has a voice that is very adaptable. In this album, he goes low in his growling without hiding his accent which adds a unique touch to their music. His low sound is full of sentiments and passion when he is singing. Going high, he shrieks like the devil incarnate rising from hell, a compliment in itself. For added effect, Merv screams like a pig in the album.

When it comes to the instrumentals, Burning Skies did an excellent job on the guitar with a nice mix of particular technical combination, groovy sounds and accuracy combined to make a killer deathcore compilation. A melodious sound not found readily in deathcore music.

The drumming in the whole album is what awesome deathcore sounds get made. The high, pulsating beat heard in the album comes from the drumming inculcating a punk snare or punk beat backed by double bass pedal in the songs.

Lyrically, the songs touch on music that is averse to religion, your typical sadistic sounds all about ranting and also music that is all about violence. They go down and dirty in their presentation without the mincing words.