Uniquely described as one of the few metalcore bands in the United Kingdom, Burning Skies are an embodiment of grindcore, hardcore, death and thrash metal music. They chose the name for their group because it sounded apocalyptic and had the coolness to it.

Their music is a musing of all the frustrations they encounter in their day to day lives both personally and in the band. From occurrences where Merv, the lead singer in the band got brutally attacked and nearly crippled put to life in the song Precision Crippling to their struggles in keeping the group alive.

All bands always come out not ready to pinpoint their weaknesses, but Burning Skies admit that they did not fancy their very first album Murder By Means Of Existence. They go as far as saying they were ashamed of it. You will have to listen to it to determine whether you agree or disagree with them. Personally, the album was alright, and some say it is their favourite.

Reasonably small, the band’s music has not reached so many people, but the ones that have had a chance of listening to them have been doing an excellent job of getting them known. They are very active when it comes to tours which also promote them.

For a small band to get the opportunity to tour with a big group, the notion is that they have to be able to pay for the chance to play at concerts and to travel with bands that are bigger than them. An idea that does not sit well with Burning Skies hence they choose to do things ethically.

Unlike many metal musicians, Burning Skies vocals have distinctness to it which is a combination of originality and the vocalist’s unique accent an endearing factor to their fans.

The bands messages in their music is a combination of what they would like to hear said and a leaning towards going with the flow as far as their music is concerned.